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The Brain

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2.the prefrontal cortex is involved in ____, and ______
4.group of nuclei scattered though out the brainstem
6.provides the emotional impact which makes a scene important to us
9.ependymal cells, support tissue, and BV found in lateral ventricles, produces CSF
10.between the arachnoid mater and the dura mater
12.largest commissure that connect the gray matter of the two cerebral hemispheres
13.conscious control of the skeletal muscles, part of the medulla
14.role in controlling onset of puberty and sleep/wake cycle
16.channel that connects the lateral ventricles to the 3rd ventricle
18.the 4 colliculi of the midbrain
20.area between arachnoid mater and dura mater, carries CSF
22.lobe associated with vision
24.contains the pineal body
25.innermost meninge
26.channel that connects the 3rd to the 4th ventricle
27.smallest part of brainstem
31.plays a role in recognizing patterns and faces, localizing us and our surroundings in space
32.disorder when letters and words may appear backwards
34.areas that receive input from many senses, and sending outputs to many areas
35.most inferior part of the brainstem
38.contains the midbrain, pons, cerebellum
40.conscious perception of a full bladder, or upset stomach or full lungs
41.sensory receptors that sense position, found in joints, tendons, and muscles
43.uses past visual experience to interpret visual stimuli to allow us to recognize things
45.right receives input from left and vice versa
46.the hemisphere that dominates artistic and musical skills
48.thin membrane that separates the lateral ventricles
51.area that receives visual information from the retina of the eye
52.largest region of the diencephalon
53.outer gray matter of the cerebrum
54.anterior association area of the frontal cortex is also called this
55.impulses from nasal cavity sent here and the outcome is the conscious awareness of different odors
56.CT membrane that surrounds and protects brain and SC
57.the olives are the centers for ____, such as vomitting and swallowing
58.little man that represents the neurons of that body region
59.perception of taste stimuli
1.major function is to integrate sensory inputs relayed to it from the primary soatosensory cortes to produce an understanding of object being touched
3.the cerebral medulla is made of ___ matter
5.contains centers for sleep and respiration
7.neurons that identify the body region being stimulated
8.middle, thin, wispy meminge
11.the paired ___ ventricles that are C-shaped chambers
15.most superficial and thickest meninge
17.conscious awareness of balance, position
19.sound impulses are transmitted to this area where they are interpreted as pitch, loudness and location
21.a major CNS pathway of the midbrain
23.stores memories of sounds heard in the past
25.area of the brain that receives information from the general sensory receptors
28.the 4th ventricle lies in the ____, dorsal to the pons and superior to the medulla
29.the prefrontal cortex develops slowly in children, so that implies it is is dependent on our ____ environment
30.division of labor and each hemisphere has unique abilities
33.stalk that connect pituitary gland to the hypothalamus
36.hemisphere that dominates the math and language skills
37.specialization of the anterior end of the CNS
39.the 4th ventricle is continuous with the ___ of the SC
42.involved in understanding written and spoken language
44.people that can use both hands equally
47.hollow areas of the brain that contain CSF
49.the post central gyrus is found in this lobe
50.part of medulla involved in balance and coordination

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