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Vertebrates Vocabulary

Natalie Bozzelli

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1.embryo stays inside mother's uterus
7.protects developing embryo
10.balloon like organ that is filled with oxygen and other gases from the bloodstream that keep the fish from sinking
16.time when an embryo develops within the mother
18.the bones in the segmented columns
23.animals with a backbone
24.ancestors of mammals
25.organs that remove oxygen from the water
26.protect fishes body and reduce friction as they swim through the water
2.made of a stiff central shaft with many side branches
3.saclike organ that takes oxygen from the air and delivers it to the blood
4.row of tiny sense organs along each side of the fishes body that extend to the head
5.fanlike structures that help fish move, steer, stop, and balance
6.secrete milk
8.mammals that lay eggs
9.mammals with pouches
11.when birds sit on their eggs using their body heat to keep the eggs warm until they hatch
12.the change from larva form to adult form
13.animals that do not control their body temperature through the chemical reactions of their cells
14.animals that maintain a constant body tempertaure
15.fluffy, insulating feathers that lie next to a bird's body
17.muscle that helps bring air to lungs
19.cover the skin of cartilaginous fish
20.upward force on the wing that keeps a bird in the air
21.when birds use their beaks to spread oil on the feathers to clean them
22.the amphibian embryo developing as a aquatic larva

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