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Chapter 5: Productivity Applications

Complete the puzzle with 100% accuracy!

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2.type of chart which displays relative proportions of the parts to a whole.
10.Any time a change is entered into the spreadsheet, all data related to the change automatically updates.
11.a video game which is an example of Computer Modeling/ Simulation
12.first software that allows you to electronically handle routine transactions
13.produces professional-quality text-and-graphics documents.
14.second software that allows you to electronically handle routine transactions
1.type of software that can suggest answers to questions by testing the strength of the data relationships.
3.use of computers to create abstract models of objects, organisms, organizations, and processes- cam be done with spreadsheets, mathematical applicants, or standard programming languages.
4.software can help us understand relationships that are invisible to the naked eye.
5.Widely used for research in the physical, biological and social sciences and in engineering.
6.type of software, grapples with complex equations and calculations
7.can be used for tracking, calculating, forecasting, and almost any other task that involves repetitive numeric calculations.
8.software enables you to use commands to edit text on screen, without having to retype messages.
9.automates the process of creating complex worksheets that meet particular needs

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