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The Black Cat

Edgar Allan Poe

1 2
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5.What gave away where the narrator hid his wife?
6.The narrator and his wife have many _______.
10.What shape is the white spot on the second cat’s chest?
12.Pluto is a very ___________ animal.
14.The narrator owns a ______, which eats carrots.
16.The narrator owns a ____, which is an animal with wings.
18.How many walls are still standing?
21.Why doesn’t the narrator just kill the second cat in the beginning?
22.What does the second cat remind the narrator of?
24.What do people find on the wall?
26.What color are both of the cats?
29.The narrator owns a ___, which is known as mans best friend.
31.How much guilt does the narrator feel?
33.The narrator owns a ________, which is a type of fish.
35.Who suffered most from the narrator’s disease?
36.The narrator has a __________ of heart toward animals.
37.What is “the thing” on the narrator’s face during the night?
38.The narrator’s wife is _____________ about Pluto.
39.The narrator owns a ______, which eats bananas.
1.Suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits is the same as being ________.
2.What tragedy occurs?
3.How is the second cat viewed in the narrator’s eyes?
4.A ___ is the narrator's favorite animal.
7.How does the narrator sleep?
8.The name of the narrator's first cat is _____.
9.Pluto ________ the narrator wherever he went about the house.
11.The narrator is addicted to _______.
13.What is similar between the two cats eyes?
15.What happens to the narrator’s house?
16.Where does the narrator hide his wife?
17.What does the narrator do to his wife?
19.What does the narrator do to his animals?
20.Who stopped the narrator from killing the cat?
23.What does the narrator do to Pluto?
25.An odd or unusual feature or habit is a ___________.
27.When will the narrator die?
28.What is doing something for wrong's sakes only?
30.Relation to or denoting a style of European architecture is known as ________.
32.Black cats are _______ in disguise, according to superstition.
34.A figment of the imagination; an allusion or apparition is known as a ________.

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