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Car Brands and Models

Chase Anderson

In this Crossword puzzle, you will attempt to fill the crossword with car brands and models. If you complete this puzzle within 10 minutes, you will win a trip to Hawaii! (Note: I am NOT paying for the trip)

1 2
4 5         6    
7 8             9        
    10   11
13             14 15            
    16   17      
21   22          

3.If you want this car, you better have some decent money.
5.This car brand rhymes with "sick".
8.Exotic, Super, Expensive, Italian, Fast.
9.These guys did a commercial based on the Lorax not too long ago.
12."Cooper, would you set those miniature boxes on that shelve? Thanks."
13.QUACK! This rhymes with one car brand. (Sort of)
15.BUMMER. I forgot my car keys on the counter.
17.These cars are good for 4 wheelin'
19.Station WAGONS are cool.
20.Pray to Jesus _________.
22.This car brand can be a name, too.
23.Think. Its not a cheap car. Especially the newer models.
25.Get ready to SOAR on your newly formed wings.
26.This is also an animal.
27.The average person would not know about this car brand. Just think. You'll get this sometime
1.Scooooooby Dooooby Dooooo!
2.This car's logo looks like the "Olympics" 5 rings.
3."Come here, Rover. Good boy."
4.This is the greatest number of them all.
6.These cars are SMALL. And they are not smart cars.
7.Originates from Italy.
10.Big. Mayonnaise. Wafers.
11.Ben's gramma's name in Mercedes. (Come on, your killing me here.)
14.Do you wash your car with OLAY or a bar of soap?
16.Sounds like "oval".
18.These babies are EXPENSIVE. And rare.
21.Not a very popular car when it comes to current time.

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