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A2 Research methods

L Hillman


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3.?reasoning works from specific observations to broader generalisations
5.Repeating and getting the same results means the research has?
9.Participants have the right to?
13.The assessment of psychology research by another specialist
15.Information gathered through research rather than common sense
16.Who argued that the hallmark of science is the formulation of ideas that are potentially capable of being falsified?
1.This concerns what goes on inside the experiment in terms of validity
2.A type of data that is ordered in some way
4.For nominal data you would use this stats test
6.The letter used to signify significance level
7.Who argues that psychology is still at the pre-science state with no overall paradigm for two main reasons?
8.Data are measured using units of equal intervals
10.Researchers should always strive to be this.
11.For a correlation you would use this stats test.
12.? reasoning works from the more general to the more specific.
14.Who suggests that psychologists who attempt to be scientists are doing no more that ‘dressing up’

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