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A Farewell to Arms Crossword Puzzle

Victor Hau

From Chapter 1 to Chpater 23.

1 2           3
  8   9         10
11                 12    
  15           16   17      
18     19            
  20 21       22              
24               25                        
  27 28                         29 30          
34     35         36           37        
    39             40        
42     43       44    

1.The author of the poem "But at my back I always hear/ Time's winged chariot hurrying near,".
4.The part of body the nurse put to measure Frederic's temperature.
5.During the talk with Rinaldi and the major in Chapter 12, Frederic tells them that he doesn't like this place because it is hot and full of fleas.
7.The coverlet of the bed in the hotel room is made of this material.
9.The nationality a captain thinks Frederic is during the surgery.
11.The time the train Frederic takes to return to the front leaves in Milan.
13.What is the couple (Catherine and Frederic) doing in the dark street after buying weapons in the town of Milan?
14.The meat Frederic orders for dinner inside the hotel. (Hint: Pages 137-138)
15.The surname of the President of the United States during the time the story takes place.
17.What thing does Catherine thinks is a wonderful thing after having dinner in the hotel room with Frederic in Milan?
19.Frederic's good mate and they sleep in the same room.
21.The architect Frederic and Catherine walk past sitting in the square in Milan.
24.The materials Frederic's holster made of.
25.The weapon which hit Ettore.
28.The boy who had been wounded in the eyes by the explosion of the shell nose-cap. (Hint: Chapter 20) (2 Words)
30.The part of body the Italians usually put to measure temperature.
31.The nice place Frederic planned to go but failed where you can troll for trout in the lake.
32.The disease Frederic gets in the American hospital at Milan with alcoholism. The skin or the whites of the eyes of the patients will turn yellow.
34.The necklace Catherine gave to Frederic for luck. (2 Words)
37.The country of the ambulance team Frederic works for.
38.The address the soldiers used to call Frederic.
39.The name of the head waiter at Gran Italia.
40.The mirrors set in wood in Milan is for attracting _________ (a type of birds).
43.Frederic has a _____-father (relationship).
45.The surname of the nurse Frederic loves and later becomes his important soul mate.
46.The disease Catherine's father gets because of excessive alcohol consumption.
47.The surname of the man who is good at predicting the results in horse racing and gives advice to Frederic and Catherine on betting the winning horse.
48.The surname of one of the guys Frederic talks to at Cova. He is singing under the name of Enrico DelCredo.
49.In two months from the time Frederic leaves Milan, there will be skiing at this place. (Hint: Page 133)
50.One of the type of alcohol stored in the American hospital.
2.The place Frederic hasn't been to but always wants to go.
3.The food Frederic and the drivers eat inside a cave when the attack happens.
6.The handgun Frederic brought in Milan is worth of _______ (number) lire.
7.Catherine wishes that Frederic and she could do something really _________. (P.138)
8.The present Frederic brought at Cova for Catherine.
10.Everyone in the train Frederic took to the front was ________. Hint: unfriendly.
12.The Italian want to get this place back from France, noted by the major.
16.The author of "A Farewell to Arms". (2 Words)
17.The place Frederic past where he woke up and was very sick on the floor. (Hint: Chapter 12)
18.The disease mentioned in the end of Chapter 1.
20.The color of the eyes Rinaldi's lover has. (American spelling)
22.The full real name of the tenor sang under the name of Edourado Giovanni. (2 Words)
23.The liquid the Russian bear-shaped bottle holds.
26.The weapon Frederic buys with two extra clips and a box of cartridges in the town of Milan.
27.The surname of the superintendent of the American hospital. (2 Words)
29.Catherine admits that she is a very _______ girl. (P.139)
33.The place Frederic moves to for further treatment on his leg.
35.The type of clothing Catherine buys before going to the hotel (Hint: Page 136)
36.A carriage (a cab) in Milan is led by a _________ (animals).
41.The part of the building behind the curtains of Frederic's ward.
42.Catherine always use this term to refer to Frederic.
44.The dead driver hit by the mortar shell.

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