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Vetements et Accessoires

Jenny Quispe

This is a puzzle about seasonal clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

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1.This is not a dress, but it is still used by girls and women usually paired with a blouse.
3.You can wear this on your head; it is very similar to a cap.
7.You wear this around your neck in cold weather and can cover your nose with it.
8.This is used as a shield to cover from the rain. It has a cover and a handle to carry while walking in the rain.
9.This type of jewelry shows time & you can wear this is your wrist.
10.This is a set of clothes set aside for night time when sleeping
11.You use this during the cold weather to avoid your hands from getting dry or cold.
14.This is worn on your feet. You usually wear a pair of these when wearing all types off shoes other than sandals. These come in packs.
15.These type of shoes are used during autumn and winter. Horseback riders use these & you use this especially out in the snow
17.These type of shoes are worn during the summer and the spring. Girls tend to wear these more than boys.
19.This is used to keep pants or shorts from falling off. This can be used by men and women.
20.This is used by men to dress up their outfit. This goes around the neck and falls flat on the chest.
2.This is a common piece of clothing, a shorter version would be shorts. This comes in different designs and colors.
4.This is used to keep money, credit cards, and gift cards in.
5.You use this in cold weather, not a jacket but similar to a jacket
6.You wear this to walk, it covers your feet, has a sole to it
10.You wear this usually in the autumn, if you feel a little chilly, you can wear this inside or outside
12.Many people wear this when their eye vision is not perfect. You can also use these to read.
13.This is a dressy shirt for girls. It can be worn with a skirt or dress up pants.
16.Women wear this jewelry around their neck.
18.This type of dressy clothing is used by women. They wear this to parties usually. It is a one-piece garment for women and girls combining a bodice, with or without sleeves, and a skirt

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