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3 4   5
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35                         36    

1.Language that appeals to the senses
6.Person, Place, thing, or event that stands for itself and more.
8.A contradiction.
9.Long story about a heros deeds.
10.Expression peculiar to a particular language.
11.Repetion of similar vowel sounds.
12.end of story when we know the outcome of the characteristics struggle
14.Type or writing that ridicukes something to show weakness.
18.Is the central idea of a story or play.
19.Sounds imitates or suggests its meanings.
21.Repetion Of accented vowel sounds.
24.Poetry aimed only at expressing a speakers emotions or thoughts.
27.To refer to to something.
28.Use of clues to hint at the events that will occur later.
31.Group of consecutive lines in a poem that forms a single unit.
32.Moment of great suspense or emotional intensity.
33.Regular stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry.
35.Poetry that tells a story.
37.Two consecutive lines of poetry, that rhyme.
2.Compare unlike thingss without using like or as
3.Writing that explains, informs, and defines ideas.
5.Comparison using like or as
7.Poetry written in unrhymed Iambic Penament.
11.Narrative where characteristics and settings represent abstract ideas or moral qualities.
13.Contrast between expectation and reality.
15.line of poetry that contains5 iambs.
16.Long speech which characteristics expresses their thoughts.
17.Songs that tells a story.
20.Repetion of beginning consent sounds.
22.Giving something nonhuman, human characteristics
23.Interrupts present action and shows earlier life.
25.The conversation between characteristics in a story or play.
26.14 line lyric poem that usually written in iambic pentameter.
29.Play on word.
30.Poetry that does not have a regular meter or rhyme scheme.
34.Japanese Verse form consisting of three lines and usually 17 syllables.
36.Voice that creates the writers choice of words and details.

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