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Mr. Kirby

Definitions of vocabulary terms. Compound words in this crossword do not have spaces between them.

1         2 3 4 5        
  10 11    
16   17             18    

1.A semicircular basin found at the head of a glacial valley formed by a valley glacier.
4.An extensive period of glaciation.
6.The process by which a block of a glacier breaks off and falls into the sea to form an iceberg.
7.A bowl-like hollow in deposits of glacial outwash; formed by the melting of a large block of ice left behind by a glacier.
8.A U-shaped valley formed by glacial erosion.
12.A long, winding ridge formed when sand and gravel fill meltwater tunnels beneath a glacier.
13.The end of a glacier.
14.A small, cone-shaped hill of stratified sand and gravel formed at a glacial front by meltwater carrying sediment off the glacier's surface.
17.Long, parallel scratches left on rocks and bedrock by glacial movement.
19.Partially compacted and refrozen snow which has yet to become a glacier.
20.A long, slow-moving, wedge-shaped glacier that moves within valley walls.
21.A dome-shaped glacier that covers an area smaller than 50,000 square kilometers.
2.A large boulder that has been transported into an area by a glacier.
3.Unsorted and unstratified rock material deposited directly by glacial ice.
5.A large sheet of ice that covers a large part of a continent.
8.A large mass of ice and snow that exists year-round and moves under the influence of gravity.
9.A great fissure or crack in a glacier.
10.A deposit of till left behind when a glacier retreats.
11.A broad, stratified, gently sloping deposit of sediment formed beyond the terminal moraine by streams from a melting glacier.
15.A long, smooth, canoe-shaped hill that is usually found in groups, shaped by an advancing glacier.
16.The lowest elevation that permanent snows reach in summer.
18.Sediment deposited in front of a glacier by streams of meltwater.

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