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TECA 1303 Chapters 5-8

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  14 15      
    19 20    
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2.aggressive behavior intended to cause harm or distress that occurs repeatedly over time in an unbalanced relationship of power or strength
7.a curriculum in which the learning activities emerge from individual interests and teacher guidance (2 Words)
9.learning environment where the child constructs his/her own knowledge
10.a support system for children with developmental disabilities or delays and their families. (2 Words)
11.tests in which an individual is compared to a norm on scientifically selected items
12.a Piagetian term for the state of balance between assimilation and accommodation, thereby allowing knowledge to be incorporated
13.evaluation based on real performance, rather than test performance, showing mastery of a task
16.a Piagetian term for mental adaptation to one’s environment by reconciling differences of experiences
17.individuals who are of approximately the same gender, age, and social status and who share interests
18.behavior based on respect for persons in authority (3 Words)
22.exploratory, imitative, paralle, and model building are all types of what?
25.is an eample of using media in schools (2 Words)
26.a group of people who form an alliance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful or criminal activity
27.refers to endangerment or vulnerability to negative developmental outcomes.
28.a way children incluence each other
29.shared his beliefs about multiple intelligence
1.behavior based on mutual understanding between equals (3 Words)
2.belief that observed behavior, rather than what exists in the mindm provides the only valid data for psychology.
3.are equals, individuals who are usually of the sam gender, age, and social status and who share the same interests.
4.a curriculum based on behaviorist principles. (2 Words)
5.a Piagetian term for mental adaptation to one’s environment by incorporating experiences
6.a curriculum in which the learning activities are planned by the teacher for all the children (2 Words)
8.the belief that others are as concerned with one's behavior and appearance as one is oneself. (2 Words)
14.political ideology, economics, and religion are part of this system
15.an intervention to help children who have trouble making and keeping friends learn to relate to others
19.a school, which is authorized and funded by a public school district, formed by a group of parents, teachers, or other community members with a shared educational philosophy
20.also called daycare (2 Words)
21.a public school that offers special educational programs, such as science, music, or performing arts, and draws students from different neighborhoods by choice
23.development in terms of information processing

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