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Language Features

Reuben Bowell

This Crossword puzzle contains English language features used in the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

1 2         3    
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  16         17

2.To show a difference when comparing things.
5.Relating to conversation.
6.The use of words to express something that is opposite to its literal meaning.
7.A question which does not require an answer.
9.How something sounds.
10.two things in the same sentences that are opposite.
12.Comparing two things by saying one is the other.
13.A word or phrase in a sentence that has a double meaning. (2 Words)
18.A word or phrase that symbolises a sign or mark representing something else.
19.A direct address to a person or personified idea.
20.The comparison between two things is continued beyond the first point of comparison. (2 Words)
1.Show how something is similar eg like/as.
3.An implied or indirect reference especially in literature.
4.One clause, one completed verb. (2 Words)
8.Placing ideas or terms close together to emphasise their difference.
11.Giving human qualities to something not human.
14.An agreeable or harmless expression.
15.A common pause, a break in a line.
16.A statement that seems false at first but is found later to be true.
17.Two words or phrases of opposite meaning placed together for effect.

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