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Mrs. Adcox

In this crossword puzzle you will determine the type of fallacy represented by the statements.

7                 8 9  

2."But officier, I don't deserve a ticket; everyone goes this speed. If I went any slower, I wouldn't be going with the stream of trafic."
3.Most Christians are believers because their parents were.
5.You should drive on the right side of the road because that is what the law says, and the law is the law.
7.Most people who are read last rites die shortly afterward; therefore, priests are going around killing people with magic words.
12.“Smoking cigarettes is nothing short of suicide – the smoker is willingly killing himself.”
13.The Catholic church has always baptized infants for hundreds of years; therefore, all infants should be baptized.
14.Oh yeah, prison reform sounds great---until you realize the man proposing it is himslef and ex-con.
1."I can't speak French, you can't speak French, TIm can't speak French; I conclude that no one in this school can speak French."
4.a type of "begging the claim" where the speaker talks in circles.
6."I think there is great merit in making the requirements stricter for the graduate students. I recommend that you support it, too. After all, we are in a budget crisis and we do not want our salaries affected."
8.Either you are against me or with me.
9.Why is the President so blood thirsty?
10.People who think abortion should be banned have no respect for the rights of women. They treat them as nothing but baby-making machines. That's wrong. Women must have the right to choose.
11.If we ban smoking, then people will start taking soft drugs and then move on to hard drugs, and the crime rate will go up and up. In order to prevent crime, we must allow smoking.

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