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5 6                 7 8        
11           12 13                    
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1.name of friend of Steve Mcqueen in 1974 prison escape movie
5.violations of conditions of community supervision without new crime
7.conditional release of inmates from prison prior to end of their sentence
9.what prison did Frank Morris escape from in 1962
11.what was the last name of the Birdman of Alcatraz
13.offenders to repay society for the harm created by the offense
14.1973 Court case granting due process rights to probationers Gagnon v ______
17.Star of 1995 movie Dead Man Walking
19.Offenders are detained or incapacitated in their own homes
22.name of Tim Robbins friend in Shawshank Prison
23.last name of actor who played Tim Robbins friend
24.violations of conditions of probation prohibiting criminal violations
2.Father of Probation in 1841
3.type of sentence that calls for short jail sentence then probation.
4.type of monitoring usingt technology to monitor an offender’s location
6.Sanctions used against probationers such as fines, restitution, etc..
8.seizure by the government of money or property obtained illegally
10.face-to-face contact with the offender by the officer,
12.failure to follow conditions of supervision
15.star of 1974 movie Longest Yard
16.town where 1990's Styrofoam Jail was located
18.name of Warden in 1980 Robert Redford prison film
20.type of incarceration where offenders are sentenced to boot camp
21.requirement offenders pay some dollar amount to the court as punishment

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