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Sun-Earth-Moon System

Earth & Space Science - Mr. Hobson

1 2 3 4
7                         8            
  9 10 11     12                  
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      17                     18
19                 20        
      21   22  
23             24               25
27                         28 29  
32               33       34      
36       37                   38
      40       41      
43                   44              

5.most of the Moon is composed of these minerals
7.occurs when the Moon passes through Earth's shadow (2 Words)
8.position at which the Earth's axis is perpendicular to the Sun's rays and at noon the Sun is directly overhead at the equator
11.type of radiation the human eye can detect (2 Words)
13.space-based telescope launched in 1990 (3 Words)
15.when the side of the moon that is illuminated is not visible from Earth (2 Words)
16.type of telescope that uses large lenses to bring visible light into focus
17.third layer of the Moon from the outside going in (2 Words)
19.maria are predominately this type of rock
20.dark, smooth plains on the Moon
24.NASA technologies that have been passed on to commercial industries for common use
26.formed when objects from space crashed into the lunar surface (2 Words)
27.position when the Sun is overhead at its farthest point either north or south of the equator
30.number of waves that pass by a given point per second
32.1st American launched into space
34.maria were formed when this material filled in the impact craters
35.occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth and blocks the Sun from view (2 Words)
36.an instrument that gives humans the ability to observe wavelengths beyond what the eye can detect
43.one of the two Americans to land on the Moon
44.a layer of loose, ground-up rock on the Moon's surface
45.one of the two Americans to land on the Moon
46.type of radiation that telescopes cannot focus and can only detect direction
47.unit for frequency
48.unit for wavelength
1.inner-most layer of the Moon
2.a decrease in the visible sunlit surface of the Moon
3.maximum number of days of a space shuttle mission
4.an increase in the visible sunlit surface of the Moon
6.heavily cratered regions on the Moon (2 Words)
9.the percentage of incoming sunlight that a surface reflects
10.the plane of Earth's orbit (2 Words)
12.a technique that uses the images from several telescopes to produce a single image
14.a multicountry spacecraft used for long-term study of humans in space (2 Words)
18.outer-most layer of the Moon
21.the sequential changes in the appearance of the Moon (2 Words)
22.most likely theory of the Moon's formation (2 Words)
23.long trails of ejecta
24.300,000,000 m/s (3 Words)
25.highlands are mainly composed of these rocks
28.type of telescope that uses mirrors to bring visible light into focus
29.when 1/2 of the moon is visible from Earth (2 Words)
31.1st satellite launched into space (2 Words)
33.the distance between peaks on a wave
37.the arrangement of all electromagnetic radiation
38.material blasted out of an impact crater and fell back to the Moon's surface
39.meandering, valleylike structures on the Moon's surface
40.the tilt of the Earth creates these
41.the closest point in the Moon's orbit to Earth
42.the farthest point in the Moon's orbit to Earth

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