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SE Asia History

Coach Key

1 2 3
    5   6
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        10           11    
        13 14  
16   17                  

4.controlled by the British
7.doing the right thing (2 words)
10.helped found the group Vietminh League (3 words)
12.the legal separation of the races
15.control or the excercise of control
16.students who became a part of China's army
1.a group that had Vietnamese independence as its goal
2.the non-violent refusal to obey an unfair law (2 words)
3.the force of truth
5.this country took over temporary control of S. Vietnam (2 words)
6.urged Indians to refuse to cooperate with British laws they felt were unjust.
8.gave the British the power to send Indians to jail for up to 2 years without trial
9."Great Soul"
11.the name of the SE Asian country prior to being called Vietnam
13.a theory that if one country becomes communist others will follow
14.controlled by the French
17.two house parliament of Japan

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