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Literary Forms in the Scripture of the Old Testament

Ali Nejati

This crossword is about the different types of literary forms in the scripture of the Old Testament. These words describe the literary forms ranging from myths to laws.

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3.Short sayings about life (2 Words)
5.Wisdom literature contains ________ that discuss life
9.Biblical fundamentalism is not condoned by the ______________ (2 Words)
12.Sacred stories that deal with lives mysteries
14.Jesus helped a woman from being stoned (2 Words)
15.Past information used around the time of Jesus (2 Words)
16.Constitution of the time of Jesus
1.Someone who believes everything in the Bible (2 Words)
2.Adam and Eve ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge and is found in the Book of _______
4.The _________ were brought into slavery by the Egyptians
6.God made the universe in _____ days
7.These laws provide guidelines for living (2 Words)
8.The Book of Genesis is know as the ___________________ of the Old Testaments (2 Words)
10.A promise between the Jewish people and God
11.The Israelites crossed the ___________ after being freed by Moses (2 Words)
13.Someone sent by God to remind the Israelites of the Covenant

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