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1 2     3                             4
  6   7   8 9        
  10       11                        
              12     13        
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18         19             20        
21                                               22
        23     24     25  
29 30                                    
  32   33                         34 35          
      37                   38                    
39                                     40                

2.Company owned and run by 1 individual who receives its profits or bears its losses
9.Unit of ownership in a corporation or mutual fund
11.Shares represent as part ownership and gives owners rights to vote on company matters
12.Business or association formed to manufacture or supple products or services for profit
14.Stock that pays a fixed dividend on a regular schedule. Stockholders cannot vote on corporate matters
17.Spread investment dollars among different markets
18.Person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture
21.First time stock is issued for that company
26.Interest paid on the principle and the accrued interest
27.Type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents part of the claim of a corporations profit or loss
28.Part of the company’s earnings (profits) that it pays to shareholders
29.Date in which dividend payment is due
31.Company that owns enough voting stock to control ownership and operations
32.Individual investor’s ability to accept loss of some or all of the money they have invested
35.What remains after subtracting a company’s cost from its revenue
36.Brokers acting for buyers compete against each other on the exchange floor (NYSE)
37.Funds whose shares are traded on a stock exchange
39.Corporation that does sell shares to the public
40.Company’s closing price divided by its latest annual earnings per share
41.Replacing each share of stock with a larger number of lower-priced stocks
1.Date set by a company on which an individual must own shares to be eligible to receive dividends
3.alternative trading securities system, executes orders electronically
4.A company owned and managed by 2 or more people who share its profits or losses
5.Number of shares traded in a company’s stock
6.Collection of securities managed by a professional investment advisor
7.Group of companies producing similar product
8.An IOU that a company or government sells when it borrows money
10.Someone who purchases stocks
13.Portion of company’s outstanding shares that is in the hands of public investors as opposed to company officials
15.Listing requirements a corporation must meet in order to have its stocks and bonds traded on that exchange market
16.What profits or net income that remains after subtracting the company’s expenses
19.Corporation that does not sell shares to the public
20.Sum of money owed as a debt or placed in a savings account
21.Reports changes, usually in percent
22.Indicates how much and how quickly the value of an investment, market or market sector changes
23.Collection of investment owned by one individual or organization
24.Rate of return on an investment paid in dividends and interest
25.A company legally separated from stockholders who own it and the managers who run it
30.Fee charged for using another money or credit
33.A group of stock, often in one industry
34.Calculation used to find the number of years required to double your money at a given interest rate by dividing your compound return into 72. The result is the approximate number or ears that it will take for your investment to double. (72/interest rate = years to double)
38.Chance of losing all or part of the value of an investment

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