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Drivers of IS Business

B. Scales

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2.A ______ _________ is a facility with environmental utilities, hardware, software, and data the mirrors the orginal data center.
5.A business ______________ ____________ is a plan for a structured response to any events that result in an interruption to critical business activities.
8.A _______ ________ is a facility with basic environmental utilities but no infrastructure components.
10.Risk _____________ is the process of determiningand classifying the risks that might affect your resources.
11.___________ risk analysis uses mathematical formulas and numbers to rank risk severity.
14.A ________ ________ is a facility with environmental utilities and basic computer hardware.
15.A risk ________ is a description of how you will manage risks.
1.____________ __________ plan directs the actions necessary to recover resources after a disaster.
3.the process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and addressing risks.
4.A _____ __________ js a tool to help ensure that you are satisfying your organization's security policy.
6.is when you reduce teh probability or the impact of the risk.
7.is when you eliminate the threat by changing resources or the IT infrastructure.
9.A ___________ _______ is the difference between the security controls you have in place and the controls you need in order to address all vulnerabilities.
11.________________ risk analysis uses relative ranking to determine risk responses.
12.is when you shift the risk to a third party.
13.is when you take no steps in response to that risk.

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