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Science Ecology

Shermin Feng Huimin

Chapter 15 - Ecology . (;

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3.Its is the study of various relationships between living organisms and their environment .
7.Its refers to the position of the organism on the food chain .
8.It consists of a series of organisms through which energy is transferred from one organism to another during feeding .
9.A group of organisms of the same kind.
11.Consists of community of living organisms interacting with one another and with their physical environment.
12.Made up of different population living in the same habitat form.
1.The place where an organisms lives.
2.________ consumer : feed on secondary consumers .
4._________ is a relationship between 2 organisms in which both benefits .
5.___________ is a relationship between 2 organisms in which one benefits while the other neither benefits nor is harmed by it .
6.They are organisms that can recycle nutrients in dead organisms and their wastes by breaking them down into simpler substances .
10.The environment of an orgranism can be classified into 2 categories : physical environment and ______ environment.

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