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Nutrition and Diet Therapy


Review of Nutrition and Diet Therapy Chapter 25 in Ramont.

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1.Clients who do not need a special diet
4.Simpliest of all carbs
5.Building blocks of proteins
7.A hormone secreted by the pancreas
9.Unit of heat energy
11.Contains all nine essential amino acids
13.A severe food allergy can lead to this
15.Diet that is easily chewed or digested
20.The body's most basic nutrient
21.To wash the stomach in cases of poisoning
25.Stimulant for eating
27.Stored form of glucose
28.Accounts for ninty percent of the lipids in food and the body
31.Position of client to facilitate passage of NG tube into esophagus
33.Composed of amino acids
34.Time when physical growth processess stop
35.Measure pH or aspirate 20- 30 ml of gastric secretions
37.Diet that is limited to foods that turn to liquid at body temperature
38.Clients who have diabetes, monitors this level daily
39.Complex carb derived from whole grains or raw veggies
40.Prevents rickets
41.Dtermines the dietary recommendations
43.Greasy and insoluble
1.Placement of NG tube is properly vertified by this method
2.Formula or feeding administered several times a day
3.Raw and uncooked food
4.Taking in enough of Vitamin C prevents this disorder
6.Feeding throught the GI system
8.Role in hemogloblin formation
10.Diet that is limited to tea, coffee, clear broths
12.Food and fluid are prohibited
14.Organic compound that cannot be manufactured by the body
16.Body weight that exceeds IBW of 20% or more
17.Surgically placed in jejunum
18.The body uses this to produce energy
19.The most common health problem of adults deals with
22.Nutrient intake is insufficient
23.A tube that provides long term access for enteral feeding
24.Diet of plants, diary or eggs
26.Most protien is digested where
29.Diet that aids with constipation or diverticular disease
30.Social time for preschoolers
32.Prevents cardiac dysrhythmias
36.Undigested formula from a previous feeding
37.The average American diet is deficient in this
42.The normal _______ of stomach contents is 6 or below

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