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"Battter Up!"

George Steinbrenner

1 2
  3           4        
      5 6
7   8     9        
  12     13          
19             20    
21   22 23      
24 25 26                    
28         29        
30           31            

3.sold out his teammates in the 1920's
7.the score stood 6 to 4; everyone wanted ___ to get a "whack at the ball"; "it was extremely rocky..."
10.this team's ballpark fence has the world being covered by paint
11.picked to win AL East
12.the city has two teams
14.an Ohio team that has a good chance to win a 2012 title
15.the Tigers first opponent away from the grapefruit league
18.your uncle's favorite MLB movie (after The Natural)
19.probably the hottest home field (temperature-wise)
25.Cleveland's hope and prayers go with him on the mound
27.picked to take another NL division title; hopefully then can go further
28.long ball hitter for Cleveland; traded to Phillies some time ago; just retired from MLB
29.earthquake prone MLB team; will it happen again this yr.?
30.their bullpen led the majors in strikeouts (NL team)
31.first AL then NL
1.first AfricanAmerican in American League
4.broken left thumb and a DUI; an Indian; injury prone?
5.salaries up, concessions up, gasoline up = they lose
6.the elusive goal for thousands of years in Cleveland
8.teams love to hear this for each home game
9.they were originally the ____ not white
13.possibly the worst winning baseball team since the 1940's
16.legendary wall in Boston
17.cut over eye; third baseman
20.said his name was Carmona
21.2011 World Series winners
22.the "bambino" (use his last name)
23.a big hitting addition to the Tigers
24.Who's on first and ____ is on second
26.picked to take AL West

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