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Speech Exam #2

Dani Bilden

Speech Terms

1                   2 3
4                                   5  

1.The direct involvement between a speaker and audience.
4.A style of delivery in which the speaker has very little time to prepare and speaks from limited notes.
6.A speech that is so common that widely accepted set of conventions govern its presentation.
7.A speech designed to provide your audience with information, to educate them, or to enlighten them about a topic.
8.A style of delivery in which the speaker has had some time to prepare a speech and speaks from an outline.
9.A speech introducing a speaker at some type of special event.
10.A record of all sources you have consulted on your speech topic.
11.A source that is published on a regular basis, containing a variety of articles about related subject areas.
12.A test of evidence that evaluates whether a source agrees with itself and with other sources.
2.Elements of delivery exclusive of words, including gestures, facial expressions, movement and eye contact.
3.A test of evidence that evaluates the identity and qualifications of a source.
5.A one-on-one conversation with an expert about a particular subject.

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