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Sociology of crime

Brian Dickinson

Key Words for GCSE Sociolgy revision

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3.Of social control, family, peer group etc
5.Crime stats which are collected by the police
7.Behaviour which is not liked by the rest of society
8.Theory that Police allow women to get off minor crimes
10.Common characteristics which are given to a whole group of people
11.Being poorer then others in society (2 Words)
13.A culture which is smaller then the rest of society, often rejects society
17.Crimes committed by working class people
18.Status for which you are mainly known for eg. criminal, disabled
20.Social control by peer group
21.How much crime there is in society (2 Words)
22.Act which is not illiegal but not socially acceptable
1.Social control by rules and laws
2.Judges and the court system
4.Studies which are carried out by yourself
6.Offence for which you can be arrested for
8.Crimes committed by compamies
9.Crimes committed by middle class professionals (2 Words)
10.Being watched usually by CCTV
12.Figure of crime that is not known to the police
14.Doing what soceity expects of you
15.Theory which suggests we become how others see us
16.Conditons places on a person outside of prison
19.Feeling of not belonging to society

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