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Meghan Seyler

  2   3              
      5 6
    7               8 9 10  
    11 12         13                    
  18                     19

2.person continues to use drugs despite significant negative consequences, does it to avoid unpleasant physical or psychological withdrawl symptoms
7.you have info about yourself and the envioronment that you are aware of
12.our mental reality is created by us in order to adapt to our world and people can create different mental realities
15.you prefer a stimulus that you have already seen over a novel stimulus (even if you dont remember seeing it)
16.rapid eye movement; heart rate increases, rapid small brainwaves
17.this drug results in: paranoia and panic reactions
18.body processes that are controlled by your mind that you are NOT aware of
20.thinks that while being hypnotized only one part of the mind is hypnotized and the other part is a hidden observer and the hypnotized part is unaware of the hidden observer
21.info abou you and your environment that you're not currently thinking about
1.dreams are largely the result of neurons firing spontaneously in the lower part of the brain, the pons, durnig REM sleep
3.alter a person's perception, mood, thinking, and memory by changing the bodies biochemistry behavior
4.occur LESS than once a day *ex:bear hibernating
5.increasingly large doses of the drug that you need to get the same effect
6.occur MORE than once a day *ex:hormone level regulation
8.the process of weaning away from the drug
9.endogenous, occur apporximatley every 24hrs *ex:wake sleep cycle
10.info that you are not conciously aware of but you know it exists because of your behavior
11.this drug results in: nervousness, loss of appetite and sometimes death
13.this drug reduces anxiety/tension, is a form of sedation
14.proposed the explanation of activation synthesis
19.a stage where deep sleep occurs, and sleepwalking/talking can take place, lasts for 30min

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