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Chapter 9-10


History vocabulary

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4.To put something back or give something back to it's owner.
5.Having to do with raising crops or animals for food or Profit.
10.An agreement between people or countries as to a course of action.
16.A statement of a certain government policy.
18.Leader of the house of representives.
20.A rebellion.
21.A group that has formed an alliance.
24.Able to bring in money above operating costs.
27.Fit for a given purpose.
28.An offcial public announcement.
30.An object belonging to someone.
31.Alow or level of land.
32.Able to do something without help.
33.A state that allowed the practice of slavery.
34.A fight, battle, or war.
35.The ability to convince someone of something.
1.A song or hymn of praise or gladness.
2.To succed.
3.To put something together in some kind of order.
6.The length of time a crop is given to grow.
7.To move more quickly or better than an enemy.
8.To declare something as a group.
9.The condition of being a state.
11.A sense of loyalty to one's country.
13.A series of actions carried out to work toward a certain goal.
14.The land and oceans around North and South America
15.A crop that can be sold.
17.A state or country's permanent army.
19.To put to death.
22.An act of limiting or preventing something.
23.Money lent to someone.
25.Related to the interests of a region.
26.A state that did not allow the practice of slavery.
29.The state of being mixed up.

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