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Chapter 22 Fungi

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1.A rootlike structure in nonvascular plants, such as mosses or liverworts, that holds the plants in place and aids in absorption.
5.The spore sac where ascomycetes produce ascospores.
6.A carbohydrate that forms part of the exoskeleton of arthropods and fungi.
10.a symbiotic association between fungi and plant roots.
11.The creeping hypha of some fungi that gives rise to new individuals.
12.Asexual reproduction in which a part of the parent organism pinches off and forms a new organism.
2.A sexual structure that is formed by the fusion of two gametangia and that contains one or more zygotes that resulted from the fusion of gametes produced by the gametangia.
3.A structure that produces asexual spores in basidiomycetes.
4.A mass of fungal and algal cells that grow together in a symbiotic relationship.
7.A very small, unicelluar fungus.
8.A nonreproductive filament if a fungus.
9.A mass of fungal filaments, or hyphae, that forms the body of a fungus.

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