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CBI Words

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2.Does employee maintain proper back posture and avoid back strain?
4.When working near/with caustic solutions, use this kind of protection.
8.When working in these extremes, take short breaks to avoid getting too hot or too cold.
9.Does the employee place equipment, tools, supplies and materials to avoid clutter or obstructions in work area?
11.When opening/closing doors, keep hands in contact with knob/handle to avoid hands being caught in door.
12.When moving transfer hoses that are heavy, get this.
14.When working aroud overhead objects, use this kind of protection.
16.When unloading drums, take frequent rests to stretch arms, hands, and fingers.
17.Does employee maintain a balanced body position while pushing/pulling?
18.When lifting heavy material, align body with task being performed.
19.Is the surface from which a task is being performed stable, level and solid and does it provide good traction?
1.Bend knees while doing this.
3.When driving shaft from pump, tell coworker to be alert as shaft starts to move.
5.Does the employee LO/TO and check equipment, isolate electrical energy, and bleed fluids and gases to atmospheric pressure?
6.Does employee place themselves in a position to avoid being in this position?
7.When walking, avoid hazards in path - above, below and to sides.
10.When working on scaffolding, place this around work area.
12.Does employee maintain 2 or 3 pt contact when going up/down stairs, ladders, steps or vehicles?
13.Before cutting or welding, make sure permits are issued and signed.
15.When driving vehicles at night, use these.

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