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Grocery Store

Radhika Banbah

A french puzzle

1 2 3 4
    5           6        
8                               9   10
    14 15  
  18                             19
23                 24              
    25 26   27
  28           29           30  
  32   33          
34           35      

5.a dairy product made by churning milk/cream
6.a plant valued for its medicinal properties
8.bag used to carry purchases
11.most sea-creatures are called ___
13.paper used for hygiene purposes
16.the only solid fruit, that when crushed gives only water
18.a quick remedy for bad breath
20.don't put too much of this in one basket
21.best food for rats
23.made from cocoa beans
24.nomads of all ages, dine of meat and _____ of their herds
28.a fruit with a resemblance to pine-cones
29.basic ingredient in guacamole sauce
31.a must have drink (which is white in color) for growing kids
33.eating between meals
34.flesh of animal, fills this food group
35.a sweet food made by bees
1.oral hygeins instruments
2.seasoning made from pureed tomatoes
3.used for brushing hair
4.a pink berry
7.enhances the flavor of almost any dish when added
9.one of this a day, keeps the doctor away
12.Filipino staple diet
14.shows you all the days, weeks, months and years
15.oldest food seasoning
17.liquid used to wash hair
19.refined petroleum
22.eating a bowl of this is a morning ritual for most people
23.point of salesperson
25.king of fruits
26.common to all sandwiches
27.kids love playing with this
30.extracted from a cane
32.an alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit juice

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