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Constructivism - A Learning Theory

Shirley Sibley

Identifies Key points about Constructivism and the most well known Constructivists

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1.A learner's cognitive understanding or development at any given time
4.The Constructivist theorist who developed Social Cognition.
5.An instruction model for technology-based learning where learned concepts and information form the basis for new information to connect to and build on
7.What learners' do with new knowledge as they experience new things and learn new information
8.When learners' fit information and experiences into their lives to change their knowledge base and make sense of their environment
9.The Constructivist theorist who defined four cognitive stages that children move through when constructing knowledge
10.Building or constructing learning experiences on existing cognitive and social development levels
2.The second cognitive stage where children begin to use symbols and images
3.The type of learning where the child learns from others in a group instead of independently
6.A method of learning supported by theorist Jerome Bruner where students learn to analyze, think critically and solve problems

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