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Ch 12 Review, Miller Levine


1 2 3
5 6                      
7     8    
12                           13
          15 16  
    19                 20      

4.Scientists (two names with "and" in the middle) who supported Avery's conclusion that DNA was the genetic material.
6.Basic unit of a nucleic acid.
9.An enzyme that helps to prevent genes from being damaged or lost during replication.
10.Scientist (2 names joined with "and" in the middle) given credit for discovering the shape of DNA.
11.Type of cell that has its DNA in the nucleus.
12.Enzyme that joins nucleotides and proofreads replication. (no space)
14.Using x-ray diffraction, scientist that took a picture of DNA's structure.
17.An end of a chromosome is called a ____.
19.Scientist who found adenine and thymine occured in the same percentages in samples of DNA.
21.5 Carbon sugar found in DNA.
22.The complementary DNA strand of ATGCAA is _____
23.Scientist that concluded a bacterial transforming substance was a gene.
24.Type of bonds that hold base pairs together.
25.Guanine will only pair with __________.
1.process where one type of bacteria is permantely changed into another type of bacteria
2.The process that copies DNA
3.In DNA, base that always pairs with thymine.
5.Type of cell that does not have a nucelus. Its DNA is found in the cytoplasm.
7.(2words...no space) When certain bases can only combine with other specific bases.
8.A virus that infects bacteria
12.(2words... no space) Description of shape of DNA.
13.An enzyme is a type of macromolecule called a _____.
15.Type of bonds that join sugar and phosphate in the backbone of DNA
16.A pattern
18.One of the scientists that concluded DNA stored and transmitted genetic information.
19.In a prokaryotic cell, DNA is often in a ____ form.
20.The sides of a DNA ladder are formed by a 5-carbon sugar and ____ groups

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