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Atoms and Basics Review (Revision)


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12               13            
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1.Alkaline earth metal with a nuclear charge of +12
5.Element with 3 valence electrons that does not have an octet during bonding
6.Educated guess
8.Francium would have chemical properties similar to elements of this family
9.Number of valence electrons that second energy level (ring) of atom can hold
10.Atoms that have the same number of protons but a different number of electrons
12.Element with 26 neutrons and 23 electrons
13.Element in period 4 with 3 valence electrons
15.Element in alkaline earth family that has the smallest atomic radius
18.Element in period 3 with a negative 3 charge
20.Chlorine is a member of this family
24.Noble gas that does not have 8 valence electrons
26.Scientist that discovered electron and came up with plum pudding model of atom
27.Most electronegative element in periodic table
28.Atom that has gained an electron to become an ion
30.Element in period 5 with the largest ionization energy
31.Subatomic particle that identifies an element
33.The least reactive transition metal
2.Element that could have an isotope with atomic number 12 and a mass of 26 amu
3.Element in period 4 with the most neutrons
4.Laboratory technique that can be used to get drinking water from salt water
7.Number of valence electrons alkaline metals have
11.Element in period 2 that has a negative 3 charge as an ion
14.Scientist that determined there was a positively charged nucleus
16.Where all of the mass of an atom is located
17.Atoms that have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons
19.All metals form this type of ion when they lose electrons
21.Semimetal with 5 valence electrons
22.Majority of the atom is _______ space
23.Semimetal that has 4 valence electrons and is used to make glass
25.Element in period 5 with the largest ionic radius
29.Element with the lowest electronegativity in period 3
32.Noble gas with the largest atomic size

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