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Semester Two

Everett Buirch

Vocab Words for Semster Two

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        9 10
  12                               13
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1.The overlapping region that shows the numbers that are solutions of both inequalities
4.Any function that can be written in the standard form y=ax2 + bx +c,
8.A method of writing numbers that are very large or very small
11.The degree of the term with the greatest degree
12.The sum of the exponents of the variables
14.A measure of the steepness of a line
16.When two simple inequalities are combined into one statment by the words AND or OR
17.A problem that has exactly one solution
18.The Highest or lowest point on a parabola
19.Vertical line that divides a parabola into two symmetrical halves
20.The graph of a quratic function is a curve
21.A problem that has infinitely many solutions
2.A set of two or more linear equations containing two or more variables
3.The small number to the left of the radical symbol that tells which root to take
5.When written in standard form, the cofficient of the first term
6.A number, a variable, or a product of numbers and variables with wholenumber exponents
7.The combined regions that shows the numbers that are solutions of either inequality
9.A system that has no solution
10.A monomial or a sum or difference of monomials
13.An x-value that makes the function equal to 0
15.A member of the set of whole numbers and their opposites

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