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Bellwork #3

Practices, Symbols, Rituals, Festival, Milestones

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1.__________When a boy turns thirteen, means "son of the commandment", now considered an adult. Boy studies to prepare for this day (2 Words)
4.__________ Festival of lights, 8 days, in December, celebrates the Maccabean revolt and oil lamp miraculously burnt for 8 days
5.__________ A ritual service and ceremonial dinner, held at home on the first night of Pesach
7.__________ Made of ram's horn, this ritual was used to call people together
9.__________ The Jewish New Year, in the fall. A ten day period of repentence ending with Yom Kippur (2 Words)
10.__________Dietary law that requires a person to keep kosher, establishes Jews as unique
13.__________When a girl turns twelve, means "daughter of the commandment", followed by a joyful reception (2 Words)
14.__________For baby boys on the 8th day of birth, performed by a mohel, boy is named during this ceremony
16.__________The quorum of ten men or women over thirteen years of age required for worship
17.__________The text of the five books of Moses written on parchment, most sacred object, essential for worship (2 Words)
21.__________Means "blessing", which is the foundation of Jewish prayer. Pray, acknowledge, thank God
22.__________Sacred writings of Judaism. Read from beginning to end in a year, central part of the worship service
2.__________A place to house the Ten Commandments and Torah scrolls, sits on a raised structure (3 Words)
3.__________ An ancient source of light. Seven branched one became a central ritual object
6.__________Most important ritual of the Jewish people, based on the story in Genesis, put away work, shopping, housework.
8.__________Takes place in a synagogue, conducted by a rabbi, contract is signed. At the end, groom crushes a glass under his foot
10.__________A blessing recited when people drink wine that has been specially sanctified for the Sabbath
11.__________The communal place of worship for Jews and is considered a place of gathering and prayer
12.__________Symbo, six pointed star, adopted in the nineteenth century, symbolizes the will to survive (3 Words)
14.__________Singer who chants the worship service and may also be a prayer master
15.__________"May it be a good week" (2 Words)
18.__________A master of prayer, trained scholar, teacher, and interpreter of Jewish law
19.__________ means Passover, in April for 7 or 8 days. Commemorates the freeing of the Hebrews from slavery- Exodus
20.__________Seven- day period of mourning following a funeral. Family is protected from problems, a candle is lit to symbolize the soul of the deceased

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