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Electronic Control System Devices

Kevin A. McGowan

Variety of mechanical/electronic devices used in electronic control systems.

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2.Several SPST switches mounted on an IC.
5.Amplifier class with best efficiency.
7.Also known as a momentary "break-contact" switch; used for emergency stops.
9.Condition where a transistor is totally off.
10.Current-controlled transistor.
12.Type of switch that clicks on one of several distinct positions.
13.A relay that has no moving parts and an incredibly long life.
16.Voltage-controlled transistor.
18.Terminal on a FET equivalent to the base of a BJT.
19.A switch used extensively on garage doors and assembly lines.
20.Another name for DC current gain of a transistor.
21.FET that is most easily destroyed by ESD.
22.A switch with 3 contacts.
1.Also known as a momentary "make-contact" switch.
2.Two-terminal bidirectional device used for high-current switching.
3.Three-terminal device that requires a very small gate voltage to turn on.
4.A switch with two contacts.
6.BJT configuration with a 180-degree phase shift.
8.Transistor that uses the case as the collector.
9.Amplifier class with best fidelity.
11.A bi-directional SCR used for high-current switching.
14.Terminal of a FET equivalent to the collector of a BJT.
15.Condition where a transistor is totally on.
17.Also known as an electromagnetic switch because of its coil.
20.A DC voltage used to supply power to a transistor.

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