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~Catcher In The Rye

Meshack M

This crossword puzzle will make you think but its certainly doable with some effort.

Good Luck

1     2   3        
    4 5 6
11 12   13                
15               16  
17                 18          

1.In the first chapters Holden says that he's teacher obligates them to have study hall. What vocab word does he use?(starts with a C)
8.What is the animal that Holden is curious about where they migrate during winter?
9.What does Phoebe give Holden before he leaves her room?
13.Whats the word that Holden uses which means to exclude from a group or society?(starts with an O)
14.What did Phoebe start calling herself?
15.What is Holden trying to escape when he drinks so much?
17.Who is Holdens history teacher?
18.Holden loved to say, "That just _____ me"
19.At breakfast, Holden is surprised that the nun likes which shakespearean play?
2.What was the name of the last school that Holden got expelled from?
3.What does Holden by for Phoebe?
4.Who makes Holden uncomfortable when he is woken up by this person petting him on his head
5.Where is Holden as he tells the story?
6.What do you call a person who opposes war?
7.Holden was happy when he was holding hands with this girl?
10.What sport team did Holden lose the equipment for?
11.What board game does Holden remember Jane playing?
12.What item did Holden buy during the teams trip to New York?
16.Who is the main character?

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