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5               6            
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5.Examples of these are laptops, handheld devices, and notebook
8.A file structure that supports the storage of data in an organized fashion. For example: CINAHL
11.The first programmer in computer history
12.The connection between the CPU and a peripheral or a user
15.A software that consists of a variety of programs that control the individual computer and makes the application programs work well with the hardware.
16.A communication device used to connect a terminal with a mainframe or another computer.
17.The Mother of Computing
20.Actual software of the computer
22.A least powerful version of electronic bulletin board
23.Refers to overall physical structure, peripherals , interconnections within computer, and its system software, especially the operating system.
24.Refers to the facility that permits a standard text-linking command to be incorporated into documents
25.Means checking the program to ensure that it is free of error.
1.Are almost obsolete. It uses the older type 3.5″ square plastic disk.
2.Leads Microsoft company
3.A machine that uses electronic components and instructions to the components to perform calculations and repetitive and complex procedures, process text, and manipulate data and signals.
4.The language developed for the internet
6.A very small special function handheld computer which provides calendar, contacts, and note-taking functions.
7.The fastest, largest, and most expensive type of computer.
9.The physical components of a computer
10.A computational-oriented computer specially designed for scientific calculations requiring gigantic amounts of calculations.
13.The CPU speed is measured in this manner.
14.Provides the conceptual basis for understanding complex entities that consist of multiple interrelated parts working together to achieve a desired result.
18.A thin, flat sheet made of a firm, nonconducting material on which the internal components of the computer are mounted.
19.Type of computers that operate on continuous physical or electrical magnitudes.
21.The man behind Apple computers

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