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1.Where are the wedges placed when using a tofflemire retainer and matrix band?
5.What deals with conduct and judgement?
9.Alginate is part of the ______________ for custom acrylic crowns.
11.What is the maximum number of holes punched in the rubber dam according to stated criteria?
13.The teeth should be dried ________ applying fluoride.
14.A temporary crown should fit _______ on the prepped tooth.
15.Ball burnisher, ________ mouth mirror, explorer and cotton pliers are used to place a tofflemire and matrix.
16.The advanced stage of the dental disease to the hard tissues of the teeth.
17.Which tooth surface is the tofflemire retainer placed?
20.The breakdown of the supportive structures of the tooth causes _______ ________.
22.The rubber dam clamp fits on the tooth below the ________ __ ________.
26.Tissue hanging from soft palate.
28.One tooth behind the prep tooth.
30.What is another name for celluloid strip?
31.an 8 to 10% fluoride solution applied for four minutes, recommended every 6 months and has the shortest shelf life.
35.The ________ ________ ________ is used to anchor and hold the rubber dam in place.
36.How far should the matrix band extend beyond the gingival margin?
38.Tapping method
41.What is the cement used for temporary crowns?
42.Finger pressure in the oral exam.
44.A beavertail burnisher is used for __________ in the placement of rubber dam.
47.An assistant who can place a temporary restoration, test pulp vitality, place and remove archwires, apply pit & fissure sealants and remove excess cement supragingivally.
49.Which fluroide needs a series of 4 applications?
51.who is licensed to place periodontal dressing, bases and liners, post extraction dressing and can do denture adjustments extraorally?
52.The margin of the lips are called the ________ ________.
55.The highest point of gingiva.
56.A stainless steel crown, preformed acrylic crown, custom _______ acrylic crown and an aluminum crown are considered temporary coverage.
57.An unlicensed person performing limited dental assisting procedures is a ___________.
58.the purpose of oral inspections is to determine ____________ from the normal of hard and soft tissues.
59.An assistant licensed to perform gingival retraction, and take impressions for cast restorations and orthodontic appliances
2.As an RDA you can perform coronal polishing once you have passed the state board ___________ course.
3.The bony prominence behind the maxillary 2nd molars is called the maxillary _________.
4.Oral cavity that lies between the teeth and lips.
6.One of the purposes of the wedge is to slightly separate the teeth
7.Mass of tissue located on both sides of the tongue.
8.Rubber dam __________ are used to place the rubber dam clamp.
10.The purpose of utilizing rubber dam is to provide better visibility, patient management and __________ __ ___________.
12.__________ is considered a sign of poor oral hygiene.
18.A _________ strip is used on CL III and CL IV restorations.
19.The pad of tissues behind the mandibular 2nd molars is called the __________ ____.
20.The purpose of the temporary crown is to protect and support the gingiva, restore and maintain occlusion, and to protect the _________ of the cavity prep.
21.Which frame is the most commonly used for rubber dam placement?
23.Lining of the oral cavity.
24.A class II cavity prep utilizes a ________ ________ and matrix band.
25.A person who may perform oral prophylaxis.
27.Water, Topical ___________ and diet supplements are considered methods of administration of fluoride.
29.When a dentist is not required to be in the treatment facility.
32.When a dentist MUST be present in the treatment facility.
33.Triangular shaped gingiva located between the teeth.
34.The ___________ should be checked after placing a temporary restoration.
37.Part of gingiva not attached to underlying tissues.
39.Raised elevation on the hard palate.
40.A board governing the rules and regulations of dentistry in each state is called the Board of __________ ___________.
43.A board representing Denatl Assistants, Registered Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Assistants Expanded Function's is called the Dental Board of ______________.
45.Improper wedge placement can cause.
46.Fluoride should be applied to root surfaces to ease ________.
48.The top surface of the tongue.
50.Narrow fold of mucosa
53.The tooth farthest from the prep tooth is _________ in the placement of rubber dam.
54.Matrix used in pediatrics.

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