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Poetry Terms

Mrs. Draude

Use the following descriptions to match the correct poetry term. Write the term in the correct space and remember to spell words correctly.

1 2   3     4 5
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2.The opposite of what you expect
6.A 14 line poem, each line consisting of 10 syllables
7.A poem written for someone who has died
8.Suggestive words that take on more meaning
11.The repetition of initial consonant sounds
14.The repetition of vowel sounds
17.A deliberate exaggeration
18.Words written on a headstone
20.Two consecutive lines that rhyme
1.The dictionary definition
3.A word that resembles a sound
4.Human characteristics given to something non-human
5.A poem where the speaker presents intense personal emotion
9.The atmosphere, the feeling a reader gets
10.A poem that tells a bit of a story and is often suitable for singing
12.A direct comparison
13.Words that provide sensory impressions
15.A poem that tells a complete story
16.A poem written in praise of something or someone
19.A play on words, where a word has a double meaning

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