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Level 5 Foil

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1.which group of offenses does corps à corps belong to
7.what happens to any hit scored by the fencer at fault
10.what must those judges be
11.corps à corps Even without what ? at Foil and Sabre
15.during a bout what equipment must the fencer not hold
16.what happens to the fencer at fault
17.The use of the non-sword hand and arm to carry out an offensive or defensive action is
18.how many judges may a referee request if he notices a fencer covering
2.at all three weapons it is forbidden for a fencer to cause corps à corps
3.how do they indicate with their hand a covering action
4.what must you not do with another part of your body
5.when it occurs who must stop the bout
6.corps à corps is what between two fencers
8.At foil and Sabre it is forbidden to do what to the target area
9.what other change may a referee demand of the fencers
12.a fencer to cause corps à corps
13.Which group is the use of the non-sword arm in
14.either side of what must the judges stand

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