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Ceramics Vocabulary


Name: ________________________________ Section ____ Hand Building

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2.Using fingers to move and model clay
5.A term used to describe clay that is partially dried but still somewhat workable - can be carved. (2 Words)
6.Smoothing joints together so that cracks do not let air between the parts of a clay object.
7.A general term for objects made from clay and fired
9.A flat sheet of clay
11.Making scratches in the clay when joining clay to clay
12.Glass-like, When clay is fired to the proper temperature it becomes glasslike
15.Kneading the clay to remove air bubbles and evenly distribute moisture
1.Clay that is air dried but not fired
3.Using great skill, neatness and attention to detail on your artwork.
4.A glass coating that colors and waterproofs clay.
7.A stiff, sticky kind of earth that is elastic and pliable when wet, dries hard and vitrifies when heated.
8.Clay has been fired but not glazed
9.Liquid clay used like glue to join and decorate clay objects
10.Ropes or snakes of clay
13.High and low areas in clay made by pressing objects into the clay surface. The way a surface feels or how it may looks
14.A furnace used to heat the clay to the vitrification stage.

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