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Work and Recreation

Practical Psychology

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5.position of employment within an occupation
7.He called for a psychological moratorium during adolescence, a time to reduce pressures about life choices
9.According to him, the difficulty in choosing an occupation arises from changing realities both externally and internally
12.an example of this type of inventory is Holland's Self-Directed Search
13.if this is low, the person may select an unsatisfactory job feeling it reflects his/her worth
15.after the first step, focusing on your interests, you should generate __________ solutions
18.this personality type may become a carpenter, engineer, paramedic, or law enforcement officer
21.this personality type may have an interest in economics, computers, dentistry, or chemistry
23.retirees who do more of the same but in new ways
25.according to Gibran, work can be "love made ____"
27.vacation, profession, busdiness or trade; may be changed several times in a lifetime
28."free time", we can control and use for ourselves
1.becoming aware of options and a desire for new challenges may contribute to changes in career during ________
2.According to him, career choice reflects values and personality
3.competence in an activity
4.the final step in choosing a career is to get _________.
6.this type may be interested in education, counseling, nursing, or real estate
8.fear of layoffs creates stress; unemployment erodes one's _____________
10.to re-create, to restore, refresh, put new into, create anew
11.this type may become an accountant, banker, fire science manager or lawyer
14.life's work; spans a period of time and may involve several occupations
16.retirees who seek a new path, new ways of organizing their life
17.this type may become a data processor, editor, medical records technician, or secretary
19.this type may become an architect, writer, musician, or photographer
20.these tests measure skills or ability to acquire proficiencies
22.people who held position of ___ often find retirement difficult
24.we learn attitudes about this from people in our environment; some occupations may be rejected because of this
26.these type of values pertain to what you hope to accomplish in your role in an occupation

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