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1.Used to polish amalgam restorations.
4.Used to help prevent infection
5.To incubate at 98.6 degrees for 48 hours. this procedure is done 2 times before canal is sealed.
8.Brass wire separators are placed in the posterior.
11.Another abrasive polishing agent used in dentistry.
13.Originates from an outside source.
14.One of the reasons for insulating base is to replace lost ____ structure.
16.Used to stabilize tissue, control bleeding and to prevent infection, usually left on for 1 week and placed on facial and lingual interlocking interproximally. Should not be sticky when placing on the site that has been extended one tooth beyond the surgical site.
18.Type of retainer used towards the end of treatment to help align the teeth.
20.Metal consisting of an inner and outer bow.
21.Part of the ____ cleansing mechanism that helps food from entering the interproximal areas is the contact area.
25.A _______ endodontic culture reading is considered negative.
26.The criteria for a properly seated crown is proper size and shape, proper occlusion and to restore _______ area.
27.This is another name for bleach and can be used to clean partials and dentures.
28.Surround the middle third of the tooth, made of stainless steel.
29.Stain associated with poor oral hygiene.
30.What are used to dry endodontic canals and to take endo cultures?
31.Used to soothe the nerve endings.
32.A liner placed in the deepest part of the cavity prep using a ball burnisher and promotes the growth of secondary dentin.
35.The ____ should be cut 2-3 mm for a brass wire separator or a ligature tie.
37.Disclosing solution that requires a special lite.
38.Used as part of the dry socket pack to help prevent debris from getting lodged into the socket.
39.Stain found on maxillary incisors of children.
41.2 coats are placed in the cavity prep using cotton pellets to seal dentinal tubules.
43.Which disclosing solution cannot be used on diabetic patients?
44.Stain found in clean mouths.
46.Finger rest position.
47.A vertical measurement of the Maxillary teeth over the mandibular.
49.Part of the vitalometer that contains the dial that ranges from 0 to 10.
51.Continuous wire which connects to each attachment along the arch.
53.Originates from within the tooth.
54.The _____ pen grasp is used for coronal polishing.
55.A _______ pulp test would be the best way to test for hot and cold sensitivity.
2.Antibiotic therapy is needed to treat Rheumatic fever, heart murmur, heart condition and ________.
3.What is placed on the teeth before coronal polishing to highlight the presence of plaque.
6.This is placed 60 - 90 seconds before injection and used to relieve gag reflex, calm an anxious patient, also used in removal of sutures. It comes in a gel, ointment, liquid and spray form.
7.Thumb sucking, mouth breathing ______ ______ and tongue thrusting are all causes of dentofacial deformities.
9._______ are removed 5-7 days after surgery.
10.When placing a temporary restoration a _________ is used to pack the material into the prep starting with the deepest part of the prep.
12.White spots due to excessive ingestion of excessive fluoride.
15.The _________ unit can be used to clean partials and dentures.
17.Brown to black stain occurring anywhere in the mouth.
19.Used to stabilize teeth in their new position.
22.A discoloration due to ingestion of certain antibiotics.
23.Inhalation sedation that raises the pain threshhold without loss of consciousness which allows the patient to still communicate and follow directions. It may cause the patient to feel nauseated.
24.________ ________ is changed every 1-2 days.
33.Used to open contact area to allow banding
34.External stain that can be removed.
36.The _______ should contain gingiva, teeth, and muscle attachments. 3 scoops for upper and 2 for lower making sure the tray is centered and the distal portion is seated first.
40.Dumbell separators are placed __ minutes prior to banding appoinment. Which only and RDA or Ortho assistant may do under Direct supervision.
42.The water _______ should be 68-72 degrees.
45.Another name for tie wire.
48.An internal stain that may or may not be removed.
50.Horizontal Measurement of how far the maxillary teeth stick out over the mandibular.
52.______ of pumice is used for coronal polishing.

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