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Photograms and Photography

Mrs. D.

Name _______________________________ Section ______

Use the vocabulary list on page 27 of your sketchbook to fill in this puzzle. There are no spaces between words.

1 2 3
4             5 6              
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4.A normal photographic image – white is white and black is black. This image is created in the darkroom.
6.The amount of time light is allowed to strike photo-sensitive paper or film.
7.A sheet of paper coated with a light sensitive emulsion.
8.A room without natural light used to process photographic materials
9.Colored light (red or amber) used to safely illuminate darkrooms.
10.Present but not visible
11.A piece of equipment that projects light through a negative to produce a bigger imag
13.Photography made without a camera by positioning objects between a light source and photographic paper.
14.Man Ray's name for his photograms
15.A shield in a camera that protects film from light. When it is opened, the film is exposed.
16.A box-like device used to create images through a chemical interaction between light and sensitized film/paper
18.The hole that lets light into a camera
19.A darkroom accessory used to hold photo paper flat and in place under the enlarger.
1.The light sensitive layer on photographic film or paper.
2.Chemical used in film and print processing that makes the image safe to view under normal light by removing the unexposed silver halide from the emulsion.
3.Photo chemical that converts exposed silver halide crystals into black metallic silver, making the latent image visible.
5.The light sensitive layer on photographic film or paper. Emulsion is made of gelatin and silver halide crystals.
7.Producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces through a chemical reaction with light. – Literally a light drawing.
9.Bath of acid or water used to neutralize the action of the developer.
12.Reversed photographic image. This image is formed inside the camera.
17.The working name of Emmanuel Radniztsky.

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