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Romeo and Juliet Crossword Quiz

Mr. Sheehan

Each clue that you solve in this crossword quiz will count as one mark. The answers can be taken out of anything that we discussed from the beginning of the play to the end of Act 2. This includes characters, plot, types of love, courtly love, the structure of a drama, and more! Good luck!

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    25 26

2.The Friar repeatedly warns Romeo not to move too _________.
3.Act II of a Shakespearean drama performs the same function as this stage of the plot graph.
6.If the families ever disturb the streets again, the punishment shall be ___________.
7.when a character is alone on stage, exposing emotions, thoughts, and/or future plans.
8.Of all of Romeo's friends, he is by far the most sarcastic.
9.The name of Romeo's first love, so soon forgotten
10.The largest form of division in a drama.
14.This type of irony is the most common: when the opposite of what is expected, happens.
16.Romeo uses this type of imagery to describe Juliet's beauty (a general term for the sun, a torch, stars)
18.This is where Romeo and Juliet is set. (a city)
20.Romeo overhears Juliet confess her love for him while standing under her ___________.
22.This type of irony occurs when the audience knows something that the characters on stage do not.
24.This style of language is spoken by the uneducated or the lower class
27.This type of irony occurs when a character says something, but means something different.
28.Friar Lawrence compares good and evil in humans to these beauties in nature.
29.The smaller form of division in a play.
1.Romeo's instantaneous affection for Juliet can be attributed to love at _______.
4.Act I of a Shakespearean drama performs the same function as this stage of the plot graph.
5.Lord Capulet's respect for his daughter's right to choose who to love is an example of this type of love.
8.This family includes such members as Romeo and Benvolio.
11.The number of syllables in a line of iambic pentameter.
12.A fairy who brings dreams to those who sleep. (Mercutio's speech)
13.The Friar performs this sacrament at the end of Act II
15.This form of poetry compares a person's beauty to worldly items.
17.To insult a member of a rival family, one may choose to bite this digit.
19.When a character says something on stage that the other characters cannot hear.
21.This family includes such members as Juliet, Tybalt and The Nurse.
23.Romeo and Juliet compare meeting, touching and kissing to this place in order to uphold the rules of courtship.
25.He wants to marry Juliet, but is told to woo her first.
26.This style of language is spoken by the upper class.

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