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IB Biology

Juan Saavedra

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1.the place where homologous chromosomes cross over during PROPHASE I.
4.place where cellular respiration takes place in the cell
6.arranging chromosomes in pairs according to their size and structure
7.seocnd part ofprotein synthesis, it occurs in the cytoplasm
9.a group of populations living and interacting in the same area
13.the alleles of an organism
14.ribonucleic acid
15.process that allows for minute quatities of DNA to be copied
16.movement of water through a semipermeable membrane (from high water potential to low water potential)
17.one specific form of a gene differing from other alleles by one or few bases
1.organelle in the plant cell where photosynthesis happens
2.type of cell lacking a true nucleus
3.when a protein changes shape due to temparature or pH.
5.basic unit of DNA made up of deoxyribose,a base and phospate group
8.adenosine tri-phosphate, the energy currencyof the cell
10.second phase of mitosis, where chromosomes align in the equator
11.genetically identical organisms
12.process of cell division resulting in four haploid cells
13.a six carbon monosaccharide use in cellular respiration

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