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Total Drama X-Word

Jordan Cuskelly

Are you a fan of Total Drama? See if you can fill out this crossword!

1 2
3           4
5 6     7         8
11   12    
13           14 15  
    17       18            
19       20     21
23     24 25 26              
      29                 30    
31                 32        
  34   35                     36
37                   38   39        
41 42   43       44     45    
46             47              

3.The Bear from Siberia
7.The least geeky of 'The Random Gang'
9.Position of Noah's Departure in TDWT
10.Izzy's Favourite Colour
13.Quote: We've got a lot of crazy tunes to _
16.Song sung by Bridgette, Leshawna and Harold
17.It's head is mounted on Owen's wall
18.B's Full Name
19.Is stunned by Justin, but not by Alejandro
22.Jack the Ripper - Who was he?
26.Tyler's Fear
28.Harold's Embarrassing Middle Name
29.Cody, Codester, _
31.Icon on Harold's Shirt
35.DJ's Actual Name (5,5)
37.Gwen's Allergy
39.First girl to be eliminated alone, first in a season
40.Female Criminal
43.TDWT Song: Boyfriend _
46.Alejandro's Brother
47.Quote: He's an eel dipped in grease, swimming in _ (5,3)
48.Got stuck in the fridge
1.The "Quick Healer"
2.Chef's Enemy
3.Beth's Boyfriend
4.Amount of guys who like Gwen
5.Not Noah's Forte
6.Prominent Bird in Easter Island
8.Duncan's Spider
11.Quote: They say man one more time, I'm gonna _
12.Girl Who Auditioned but Didn't Get In TDA
14.Tyler's Animal Impersonation in Egypt
15.Shares name with one of Captain Jack's friends on Doctor Who
17.The Intern
18.Band: The Drama _
20.Harold's Instrument of Expertise
21.Mike's Personality: _ Smith
23.Sierra's Laptop (5,3)
24.One of DJ's Nicknames
25.Cody Emmet Jameson _
27.LeShawna's Allergy
30.Izzy's Nickname
32.Mike's Old Man Personality
33.Duncan's Dog
34.Mike's Gymnast Personality
36.Famous Bird Throughout every season
38.Mike's Gangster Personality
41.Possible Indian
42.The Wannabe
44.Cody's Bedtime Toy
45.Chris McLean: The Host with the _

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