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Inoluntary Manslaughter

Dale Pedder

Law Revision activity - Constructive Act & Gross Negligence Manslaughter

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1.D applied the tourniquet to V's arm. D was convicted of constructive act manslaughter because assisting V to self inject was sufficient. (2003)
4.The leading case which set the principles for gross negligence manslaughter. (1995)
5.The first drugs case concerning s.23 OAPA 1861. Held that D was guilty for injecting V with the heroin. (1976)
9.Two teenage boys threw concrete paving slabs off a bridge onto a train, killing the driver. (1977)
10.This case was the first in a line a case law defining gross negligence. (1925)
12.Held that D must forsee the risk of death, foresight of injury or even serious injury is not enough. (1999)
13.The Ds attempted to rob a petrol station. However, V managed to raise the alarm to deter the robbers. V promptly died of a heart attack. The Ds were not convicted of constructive act manslaughter (1985)
15.The leading case concering s.23 OAPA 1861. Held that giving the syrine to V to self inject was not sufficient enough to convicted D. (2007)
17.D broke into a house of an elderly man (V) . After throwing verbal abuse at V, D left. 90 minutes later V died of a heart attack. D was convicted of constructive act manlaughter (1989)
2.Held that D must have forsaw that D's acts would interfere with the health and welfare of V. (1977)
3.D (the master of a ship) was held liable for the death of 3 of his 14 crew members. (1998)
6.This case set the objective test for dangerousness, for constructive act manslaughter. (1965)
7.D's act must be a commission; an omission will not suffice (1973)
8.The case added to the previous case law definition of gross negligence. That gross negligence is not mere inadvertence, but the grossest ignorance. (1937)
11.D claimed he was waving a razor blade around and V stumbled on to the blade, slashing her throat. (1943)
14.D (a lorry driver) was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter for the death of 58 illegal immigrants. (2003)
16.D pointed the revolver at V; V thought the gun was not going to fire. V did therefore not apprehend the use of immediate and unlawful violence, there was no assault. Therefore no grounds for a constructive act manslaughter conviction. (1967)

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