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Baseball History


A puzzle that has questions about the history of baseball

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1.Player who become a famous homerun hitter during the deadball era(last name only)
6.highest paid player in baseball(plays for the yankees)
7.winners of the first world series between the American baseball league and the nation baseball league
8.originally played for the red sox, but left and gave the team a curse
10.big red machine
11.hitter of the most valuable baseball in the world
13.AfricanAmerican player who changed baseball, he was among the first African Americans to join MLB
18.most famous player in baseball to be eternally banned from the game
19.current team with the highest income in all of baseball
2.was a very very mean player, but talented; he as a reward named after him, he also played in the early 1900's
3.this took many professional baseball players away from the game(took place years 1939-1945)
4.widely accepted as the father of baseball(hint: it's not Abner Doubleday)
5.segregation in baseball led to the formation of this among African Americans
9.broke Hank Aaron's homerun record(alledged steroid user)
12.team with the most world series wins
14.state where the game took off in popularity
15.record holding pitcher for the most strike outs
16.era of baseball where the ball was very hard to hit(did not have rubber core)
17.name of era with players such as sammie sousa, mickey mantle and reggie jackson

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