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5 6     7                  
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  26   27   28  

2.acid accumulated in muscles of animals during hard work
5.which blood cell help in gaseous transport
7.process similar to respiration which involve oxidation of substances without enzymes outside the cell.
8.it is common path for air and food passage
9.which part of plants exchange gases through general body surface.
10.external nare open in a space having mucus and hairy wall which help to warm the air, filter the dust particles
12.breathing organs in insects
14.breathing organ of fishes
15.respiration in presence of oxygen.
17.cells that regulate opening and closing of stomata
20.stucture by which plants exchange gases in leaves
21.energy currency of cell
23.second step of respiration, oxygen dependent, occur in mitochondria
24.smallest unit in lungs which help in gaseous exchange
25.respiration in absence of oxygen
29.part of respiration occur inside the cell (actual respiration)
30.how many ATP are produced by aerobic oxidation of glucose molecule
31.which cell organelle help in respiration.
32.how many ATP are produced by anaerobic oxidation of food
33.stucture by which plants exchange gases in stem
34.universal pathway of respiration which produce only 2 ATP in anaerobic and 8 ATP in aerobic respiration
1.CO2 combine with haemoglobin and form
3.tracheal incomplete cartilagenous rings are similar to a which english alphabet.
4.which alcohol is produced by anaerobic oxidation.
6.trachea divided into smaller parts called
11.what is other end product of aerobic respiration with water
13.negatively geotrophic, roots of mangroove plants are called
16.exchange of gases with external atmosphere and body (lungs)
18.step of respiration which produce pyruvate as end product
19.process having anaerobic oxidation in yeast which produce many useful product
22.earthworm respire by
26.first step of glucose breakdown which do not require oxygen
27.oxidation of food
28.it contain vocal cords which help in producion of sounds
32.how many ATP are produced during respiration in muscles during exercise

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